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That First Bite Of Pancake

In the early months of the pandemic we developed “Pancakes With Benefits”. You see we don’t just like pancakes, we love pancakes. We saw first hand what our pancake lovers experience when taking that first bite. When the lockdown started in Texas, just like many people we were somewhat taking aback.

Instead of falling to despair we found inspiration all around us. Our favorite stories from the front line  and essential workers are those of teachers. You see teachers are so special we saw numerous stories of teachers going house to house to their students. They put smiles on those young faces; we thought we can do that too.

We decided to do something about it and put on our boots and got to work. It wasn’t easy but what really is? We took recipes from friends and chefs and even created some different ways to think about mornings at home with our pancakes.

You see it’s only a pancake but it’s also a moment of bliss. Tasting something that was crafted for months and months. It’s like that first sip of coffee and if you are a coffee lover then you know what we mean. Taking a bite from a great pancake in your PJ’s is the ultimate experience.

We want to be the closest thing to ordering room service in your swanky hotel room. Just order from us & head straight to your bedroom. Close the door, turn on some spa music and eat them like you would away in a hotel.

Just a few moments of happiness. You know come to think of it, maybe it’s not just a pancake. That’s because it’s Pancakes With Benefits ... so come and benefit for yourself.

"We crafted something very special and we hope you think so too."

Sonja & Adam


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