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Over 15 Varieties

Pancake Wishes

Your pancake needs more cowbell.

Maybe Christopher Walken ,

Pancake Wishes

It's moving really fast, he got me pancakes on our 3rd date.

Pancake wish No. 2 ,

Pancake Wishes

Nothing better than a side of pancakes with your pancakes.

Pancake wish No. 3 ,

Pancake Wishes

I wish you could last as long in bed as you do on the plate

Pancake wish No. 4 ,

Popular Favorites

Lemon Ricotta

So moist and delish. It has the perfect amount of lemon topped with sweet blueberries. 

Cinnamon Roll Pancake

This is simply the greatest thing to happen to pancakes since the invention of syrup. 

Pancake With Benefits

Our house pancake made with yummy sweet cream, hint of vanilla & side whipped cinnamon butter. 

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